Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Codependence Day


Couldn't resist! Someone wanted to learn it so thought maybe other people would. Have fun, but be careful with this song - it may attract gamblers, drinkers and one night stands!

Co-Dependence Day – Helen Begley copyright 2005 (Capo 5)

4/4         C        E7      F       F         C            F       C         G

Verse 1

            C                       E7                      F
Well I  met him at the   front bar of the  Corner Hotel,  
                C                             F
He said “Together we’d be dangerous”
                              C                       G7           G7
I said, “Just let me hop out of my   shell”              
           C                        E7
I will fix him with my  zodiac 
 F                         F
Fix him with my     sign .  

                        C        G/B             Am                    Am
And we could roll around like tiger snakes        
F                            G
He'll fix me with his poison   I will
          F                         G                  G
I will fix him up with mine            

I'm looking for a banjo picking
G                          F                                  E7
Story spinning,    gambling, drinking, crazy making 
F       G        C
One night  stand,    
F                  G              G
I'll fix him if I  can              
                           C                          G
I'm looking for a money making, window breaking
F                         E7
Guitar playing,  hard drug taking
F       G        C
One night stand 
F                     G                    C
Well do you want to be my man

Verse 2
Well I met him at a disco
I was drunk and it was dark
Well he was dancing like a lunatic
I said “This man’s gonna break my heart”
I will fix him with my rhythm
I will fix him with my rhyme
We can chase each other’s dragons
He will burn me with his fire
I will burn him up in mine

F         G                   C    G/B       Am
       I  need him like water in the desert 
F          G                 C     G/B   Am
       I need him like heroin in a vein 
F          G                  C     G/B          Am
       I  need him like vodka in the morning
 F          G                        


F              G
Do you wanna be my
F              G
Do you wanna be my
F              G                 C
Do you wanna be my man

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