Monday, March 28, 2011

12 Street Rag Marcy Marxer Version for Ukulele

This woman can really teach. If you're up for it have a go. Click on the link below and that will take you to a PDF of the tabs for the song. Enjoy!


A classic Cole Porter Song. In this film clip there's even a kiss for the Chicks from Trigger. You won't be able to play your uke along with this one - I'll put one up that you can - for now enjoy Roy Rogers.

"Don't Fence Me In" by Cole Porter

(G)Wildcat Kelly was (C)lookin' mighty (G)pale

(G)Standin by the sheriff's (D7)side

(G)When that sheriff said (C)I'm taking you to (G)jail

(G)Wildcat raised his (D7)head and (G)cried

Oh give me [G]land lots of [GMaj7]land

Under [G6]starry skies a[G]bove

Don't [C]fence [G]me [D7]in
Let me [Am7]ride through the [D7]wide

Open [Am7]spaces that I [D7]love

(Am7)Don't (D7)fence me [G]in

Let me [G]be by myself in the evening [Dm7]breeze [G7]

[C]Listen to the murmur of the [Cm7]cottonwood trees

[G]Send me off for[Dm]ever but I [E7]ask you [Cm7]please

[G]Don't [D7]fence me [G]in

[G7]Just [Dm7]turn [G7]me [C]loose

Let me straddle my old saddle
 underneath the western [G]skies
[G7]On [Dm7]my [G7]Ca[C]yoose

Let me wander over yonder
 where the purple mountains [G]rise [G#dim] [D7]

I [Am7]want [D7]to [G]ride to the ridge when the west com[Dm7]men[G7]ces

[C]Gaze at the moon 'til I [Cm7]lose my senses

[G]Can't look at [Dm]hovels and I [E7]can't stand [Cm7]fences

[G]Don't [D7]fence me [G]in

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eyes Wider Than Before

This is a lovely version of this song. You can see Scott Matthews hands very clearly. Remember that the guitar is in open D tuning so tune your strings to DADF#AD and bung your capo in the 4th fret. Then play along with Scott. Enjoy! (Will post the tabs in next few days)

Eyes Wider Than Before – Scott Matthews
Tuning: Open D DADF#AD Capo 4

Intro Bmsus4/E x4

(Bmsus4/E)Follow the (Dsus2/G)distant beam of (D)light
(Bmsus4/E)A drop of neon (Dsus2/G)floods my weary (D)eyes
(Bmsus4/E)Illuminates my (Dsus2/G)soul reason(s) (D)why
(Bmsus4)I'm heading your way with the (Dsus2/G)traffic by my (D)side

(Bmsus4/E)Remember how it (Dsus2/G)was be (D)fore
Just a (Bmsus4/E)minute away I'd be (Dsus2/G)knocking on your front (D)door
Don't (Bmsus4/E)underestimate this (Dsus2/G)precious (D)time
(cause) every (Bmsus4/E)second is treated as (Dsus2/G)though there is no (D)time

(Bm2)Your eyes are (Dsus2/G)wider than be(D)fore
(Bm2)So little has changed
but your (Dsus2/G)eyes now see much (D)more

(Bmsus4/E)Hush, now sway and (Dsus2/G)fall asleep (D)
Gonna (Bmsus4/E)drive you away from the (Dsus2/G)trampling of bustling (D)feet
(Bmsus4/E)You can lose your troubled (Dsus2/G)thoughts for tonight at (D)least
You can (Bmsus4/Ewake in the morning (Dsus2/G)feeling that you can breathe (D)

Little (Bmsus4/E)darling you're (Dsus2/G)mine for to (D)night
Your (Bmsus4/E)mellow and tender (Dsus2/G)self is hard to (D)find
From (Bmsus4)you, I draw no(Dsus2/G) doubts deep (D)inside
I (Bmsus4)surrender myself to your (Dsus2/G)presence and peace of (D)mind

(Bmsus2)Your eyes are (Dsus2/G)wider than (D)before
(Bmsus2)So little has changed but your (Dsus2/G) eyes now see much (D)more
so much (D)more
so, so much (D) more
so much (D) more
so much more

Monday, March 21, 2011


If you want to rock out with this Punk outfit - go for it!

FORMED A BAND: by Artbrut (Tabs from Ultimate Guitar)






lead guitar


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Magic Woman

Carlos Santana played at Rod Laver arena last night. One of our Chicks was lucky to go along and see him, so tonight, at her lesson, we were inspired by her experience of the concert to leave off playing Black Velvet Band and learn Black Magic Woman.

Here's the chord chart, it's a great example of what you can do with the twelve bar blues progression. Turn on the Youtube and play your guitar along with Santana:

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN                        P. Green (Santana)

                                   Dm                                  A
I got a black magic woman, I got a black magic woman
            Dm                                                        Gm
I got a black magic woman got me so blind I can't see
           Dm                         A                                          Dm
I got a black magic woman she try'in to make a devil out of me

                                        Dm                                            A
Don’t turn your back on me baby, don’t turn your back on me baby
                                        Dm                                               Gm
Don’t turn your back on me baby Stop messing round with your tricks
                      Dm                                   A                               Dm
Don’t turn your back on me baby you just might pick up my magic sticks

                               Dm                                   A
Got your spell on me baby, got your spell on me baby
                               Dm                                 Gm
Got your spell on me baby turnin my heart into stone
Dm                                    A                                    Dm
I need you so bad magic woman I can't leave you alone

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Rambling Man
By Laura Marling

Open E [ebeg#be]
Capo 2

Intro/ Verse
e  ----2/-4-------2-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
g# ----1/-3-------1-------0----[1----0]----| x3
e  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
b  -----------------------0----[2----0]----|
e  -----------------------0----[0----0]----|
                     (Play 3 chords above 3 times)      


e  ----2/-4-------2-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
g# ----1/-3-------1-------0----[1----0]----|
e  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
b  -----------------------0----[2----0]----|
e  -----------------------0----[0----0]----|

e  ----2/-4-------2-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
g# ----1/-3-------1-------0----[1----0]----|
e  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
b  -----------------------0----[2----0]----|
e  -----------------------0----[0----0]----|

e  ----0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
g# ----3-------1-------0----[1----0]----|
e  ----0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----4-------2-------0----[2----0]----|
e  ----0 ------0-------0----[0----0]----|

e  ----2/-4-------2-------0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----|
g# ----1/-3-------1-------0----[1----0]----|
e  ----0/-0-------0-------0----[0----0]----| x 2
b  -----------------------0----[2----0]----|
e  -----------------------0----[0----0]----|

e  ----4----2----5----4----4----2----5----0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----[0----0]----|
g# ----3----1----5----3----3----1----5----0----[1----0]----|
e  ----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----[0----0]----|
b  ----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----[2----0]----|
e  ---------------------------------------0----[0----0]----|
[3x [6x at end of song]]

e  ----x----0----     ----x----0----[0----0]----|
b  ----x----0----     ----x----0----[0----0]----|
g# ----0----0---- 4x  ----0----0----[1----0]----| [3x]
e  ----0----0----     ----0----0----[0----0]----|
b  ----2----0----     ----2----0----[2----0]----|
e  ---------0----     ---------0----[0----0]----|

Oh, naive little me,
Asking what things you have seen
You're vulnerable in your head
You'll scream and you'll wail till you're dead
Creatures veiled by night
Following things that aren't right
And they're tired and they need to be led
They'll scream and they'll wail till they're dead

But give me to a rambling man;
Let it always be known that that was who I am

Beaten battered and cold
My children will live just to grow old
But if I sit here and weep
I’ll be blown over by the slightest of breeze

And the weak need to be led
And the tender are carried to their bed
And it’s a pale and cold affair
And I’ll be damned if I'll be found there

But give me to a rambling man;
Let it always be known that that was who I am

It’s funny how the first chords you come to
Are the minor notes that come to serenade you
It’s hard to accept yourself as don’t desire
As someone you don't want to be

But give me to a rambling man;
Let it always be known that that was who I am

But give me to a rambling man;
Let it always be known that that was who I am


Here's a youtube video of Happy Birthday. Head over to Youtube to get a better look at what I'm doing.

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