Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eyes Wider Than Before

This is a lovely version of this song. You can see Scott Matthews hands very clearly. Remember that the guitar is in open D tuning so tune your strings to DADF#AD and bung your capo in the 4th fret. Then play along with Scott. Enjoy! (Will post the tabs in next few days)

Eyes Wider Than Before – Scott Matthews
Tuning: Open D DADF#AD Capo 4

Intro Bmsus4/E x4

(Bmsus4/E)Follow the (Dsus2/G)distant beam of (D)light
(Bmsus4/E)A drop of neon (Dsus2/G)floods my weary (D)eyes
(Bmsus4/E)Illuminates my (Dsus2/G)soul reason(s) (D)why
(Bmsus4)I'm heading your way with the (Dsus2/G)traffic by my (D)side

(Bmsus4/E)Remember how it (Dsus2/G)was be (D)fore
Just a (Bmsus4/E)minute away I'd be (Dsus2/G)knocking on your front (D)door
Don't (Bmsus4/E)underestimate this (Dsus2/G)precious (D)time
(cause) every (Bmsus4/E)second is treated as (Dsus2/G)though there is no (D)time

(Bm2)Your eyes are (Dsus2/G)wider than be(D)fore
(Bm2)So little has changed
but your (Dsus2/G)eyes now see much (D)more

(Bmsus4/E)Hush, now sway and (Dsus2/G)fall asleep (D)
Gonna (Bmsus4/E)drive you away from the (Dsus2/G)trampling of bustling (D)feet
(Bmsus4/E)You can lose your troubled (Dsus2/G)thoughts for tonight at (D)least
You can (Bmsus4/Ewake in the morning (Dsus2/G)feeling that you can breathe (D)

Little (Bmsus4/E)darling you're (Dsus2/G)mine for to (D)night
Your (Bmsus4/E)mellow and tender (Dsus2/G)self is hard to (D)find
From (Bmsus4)you, I draw no(Dsus2/G) doubts deep (D)inside
I (Bmsus4)surrender myself to your (Dsus2/G)presence and peace of (D)mind

(Bmsus2)Your eyes are (Dsus2/G)wider than (D)before
(Bmsus2)So little has changed but your (Dsus2/G) eyes now see much (D)more
so much (D)more
so, so much (D) more
so much (D) more
so much more

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