Monday, March 28, 2011


A classic Cole Porter Song. In this film clip there's even a kiss for the Chicks from Trigger. You won't be able to play your uke along with this one - I'll put one up that you can - for now enjoy Roy Rogers.

"Don't Fence Me In" by Cole Porter

(G)Wildcat Kelly was (C)lookin' mighty (G)pale

(G)Standin by the sheriff's (D7)side

(G)When that sheriff said (C)I'm taking you to (G)jail

(G)Wildcat raised his (D7)head and (G)cried

Oh give me [G]land lots of [GMaj7]land

Under [G6]starry skies a[G]bove

Don't [C]fence [G]me [D7]in
Let me [Am7]ride through the [D7]wide

Open [Am7]spaces that I [D7]love

(Am7)Don't (D7)fence me [G]in

Let me [G]be by myself in the evening [Dm7]breeze [G7]

[C]Listen to the murmur of the [Cm7]cottonwood trees

[G]Send me off for[Dm]ever but I [E7]ask you [Cm7]please

[G]Don't [D7]fence me [G]in

[G7]Just [Dm7]turn [G7]me [C]loose

Let me straddle my old saddle
 underneath the western [G]skies
[G7]On [Dm7]my [G7]Ca[C]yoose

Let me wander over yonder
 where the purple mountains [G]rise [G#dim] [D7]

I [Am7]want [D7]to [G]ride to the ridge when the west com[Dm7]men[G7]ces

[C]Gaze at the moon 'til I [Cm7]lose my senses

[G]Can't look at [Dm]hovels and I [E7]can't stand [Cm7]fences

[G]Don't [D7]fence me [G]in

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