Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bridal Train- The Waifs

Bridal Train by The Waifs

Capo 7

Intro: C Em F Am G

(C)Telegram arrived today
(Em)well it's time to catch the Monterey
Coz the (F)man i wed he waits for me
And the (Am)daughter that he's (D)yet to see

(C)US navy beamed its message
(Em)"will deliver brides on a one way passage"
It(F)made big news across the nation
The(Am)Bridal Train leaves (G)from Perth station

(F)All the girls (G)around Australia
(C)married to a (Am)Yankee sailor
(F)the fare is paid across the sea
To the (Am)home of the brave and the (G)land of the free

(G)From west to east the (G)young girls came
(C)all aboard the (Am)Bridal Train
(F)it was a farewell crossing over land
She's gone to meet her (G)sailor (C)man

(C)No time for sad goodbyes
(Em)she held her mother as she cried
And (F)then waited there in the Freo rain
To(Am)climb aboard the (G)Bridal Train

Well (C)She was holding her future in her hands
(Em)A faded photo of a man
(F)Catch a sailor if you can
The (Am)war bride leaves her (G)southern land


Guitar solo C Em F Am G

(C)This is the story of those starry nights
(Em)Through desert plains and city lights
Through(F) burning sun and driving rain
She (Am)wept aboard the (G)Bridal Train


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