Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Nation Army Chords for uke

This song was meant to be played on ukulele. See an earlier blog entry for the ukulele riff. - Jack plays it in E, but ukers play it in C - the people's key! 


          C             C Eb C Bb Ab G
I'm gonna fight 'em off,
G              C          C Eb C Bb Ab    G
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back.
G            C          C Eb C Bb Ab G
Their gonna rip it off,
G            C    C   Eb C  Bb  Ab         G
Taking their time right behind my back.
C Eb C Bb Ab G
And I'm talking to myself at night
                    C Eb C Bb Ab G
Because I can't forget.
C    Eb   C   Bb  Ab    G
Back and forth through my mind,
                  C Eb C Bb Ab G
behind a cigarette. 

(Pre/Post - Chorus:)
Eb                               F
And the message comming from my eyes, says leave it alone.

Eb     F
Riff x 4

(Verse 2:)
G             C Eb C Bb Ab G
Don't want to hear about it,
G             C  Eb  C  Bb  Ab             G           
Every single ones got a story to tell.
G           C C Eb C Bb Ab G
Everyone knows about it,
G                 C   C  Eb  C  Bb  Ab        G
From the queen of England to the hounds of hell.
G      C    C    Eb    C     Bb                             
And if I catch you comming back my way,
Ab              G              C C Eb C Bb Ab G
I'm going to serve it to you.
    C Eb C Bb Ab G
And that ain't what you want to hear,
                     C Eb C Bb Ab G
But that's what I'll do.

(Pre/Post - Chorus:)
Eb                              F
And the feeling coming from my bones, says find a home.

(Verse 3)
Riff x 8
Eb F
Riff x 4

C                  C Eb C Bb Ab G
I'm going to Witchita,
G          C    Eb   C   Bb   Ab       G
Far from this opera and for ever more.
G             C           C Eb C Bb Ab G
I'm going to work the straw,
G               C    C  Eb  C Bb  Ab     G  
Make the sweat drip out of every pour.
G             C        C     Eb     C       
And I'm bleedin', and I'm bleedin',
C      Bb     Ab          G              C C Eb C Bb Ab G
And I'm bleeding right before the lord.
C       C     Eb      C      Bb          Ab                  
All the words are going to bleed from me,
G                        C C Eb C Bb Ab G
And I will think no more.

Eb                              F
And the stains comming from my blood, says go back home.

Eb F
Riff x 4


  1. I'm waiting to hear the audio file for this one Helen!

  2. They're coming - just gathering the army together for the final assault!